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We of Apparel Vogue International, after visiting Ukraine many times, and in particular the city of Dniepropetrovsk and visiting the city of Kiev (Kyiv), found that Designer items were very expensive, as was normal High Street store items.  We thought this was very wrong, as everything was very over priced, so we undertook to look at a variety of different countries and we found that this is the case in every country in the world, businesses and website businesses exploiting customers to either fake items at real prices, or overinflated prices for real items.

We decided to open our internet shop to give Eastern Europe and every other country in the world a chance to purchase a variety of Designer and High Street items at massively discounted prices, anything up to 99% discount on certain products.  Our Purchasing Team searches worldwide for genuine products for AVI to sell at discounted prices.  Apparel Vogue International does NOT sell fakes or copies of genuine products. 

AVI will send our items to any country in the world, where permitted, and if you want an item we will try our hardest to get it for you, no matter what, whether from an item at a High Street Store to a Specialized Diamond, we will try our hardest, because we put customers first.  Everything on our website is discounted from the Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price (MRRP) with exception to our AVI Gift Certificates/Vouchers.

"Apparel Vogue International Aim's to be Earth's Most Central Point for Genuine Quality and Internet Shopping Experience."

We at Apparel Vogue International invite you to look at our shop, join our membership and receive updated emails as and when we updated our website, and in addition, hopefully you will take advantage of our discounted products.

About us
  • An innovative concept.
    Apparel Vogue International is the founder of exclusive sales events on the internet with many years experience specialising in fashion and stylish household products, especially for the Eastern European Market, however, we shall never turn away any customer no matter where they are in the world, where permitted . These limited-time sales have led to the creation of a new way of shopping.
  • The partner of designer brands.
    www.apparelvogue.com organizes exclusive designer brand sales in all product categories: fashion, fashion accessories, household, sports products, and media to name just a few. We have direct partnerships with more than 850 designer brands across Europe, which allows us to offer huge discounts up to 99% off MRRP.
  • An event-based concept.
    To publicize a sale, we attempt to send an email trailer is sent to each member two days before every exclusive sale. From the opening day, purchases can only be made online in a secure environment. Sales last on average for three days or until stock has finally gone.
  • An endless quest for quality.
    The rigorous selection of brands and products, the care taken over design, the ease of site navigation as well as our exceptional after sales services are all proof of the quality offered to our club members.
  • Exclusive access.
    Access to our special discounted website is reserved for registered members only. Registration is entirely free with no obligation to purchase. Want to join the club?  Then become a member of www.apparelvogue.com and receive your special members discount on every item we sell + a free gift with every transaction, with exception to AVI Gift Certificates/Vouchers.

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