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Vanilla Pod

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Product Description

1 x Vanilla Pod

For centuries, vanilla beans (Pods) have been one of the most familiar flavours, fundamental to western cuisine. Commonly used to flavour desserts, sugar, beverages, milk products and coffee, vanilla is one of the most loved flavours of the western palate.

Storing Vanilla

These Vanilla Pods will keep indefinitely if stored in an airtight container in a cool dark place but we suggest that you use these pods within 2 years of purchase. The pods should NOT be refrigerated. You may also choose to wrap these pods in cling film or waxed paper before storing in an airtight container. 


Sometimes, the Vanilla Pods may be coated with white frosting/crystals. This is a perfectly normal occurrence. The white frosting/crystals are actually Vanillin crystals and may form from time to time.

However, please note that incorrect storage can also result in the formation of mildew or fungus. To ascertain if the discolouration is due to Vanillin Crystals or Mildew/Fungus, firstly, you should smell the affected pod to check for any odour and secondly hold the pod against natural sunlight. If the pod smells rotten and does not reflect the visible light spectrum (colours of the rainbow) the affected pods should be discarded as this can spread to the uninfected pods.

Using Vanilla Pods

Remove vanilla from all packaging and air the pods for a little while. Massage the pods lengthwise to release the flavour and loosen the caviar inside. Place the Vanilla pod on a chopping board. Using a paring knife, carefully split the pod lengthwise until it is halved. Now pull the two halves apart so you can see the seeds inside. Carefully scrape out the seeds with the tip of the knife.

The expended pod can both be cut into small bits and used along with the seeds to enhance the aroma of the dish being prepared or you could dry the spent pod for a couple of days and put into a sugar jar.

Sizes and weights may vary (the Photograph is for Demonstration Purposes Only)

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